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21st Century version of the Maslow pyramid

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"Home is where the WIFI connects automatically"

bredekk said: What killed doge?


We did.

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Who is responsible for this

this works way 2 well tbh

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Deal With It Sunglasses

They finally exist … from CNC Design:

Low-resolution sunglasses. For the moments when you just need people to deal with it!

They are one solid piece of high quality laser cut & engraved smoked acrylic. 


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Okay, before you watch this do you know what the Talking Carl app is?  Well it’s his app where this little red fucker repeats back anything you say to him in a higher voice.  That’s all I’m saying.  Now click play bitch

So this is what a slow descent into madness feels like.

I have just heard souls crying out through the ironclad gates of hell

It’s a more terrifying version of putting two phones together speaker-to-speaker.

We are breaking a new record in the U.S., and it is not one we want to break: According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, measles cases are at a 20-year high. As of May 23, more than 288 cases have been reported this year. To put that in perspective, only 37 cases were reported in all of 2004. In 2002, measles had been declared eliminated in the Americas.

The anti-vaxx movement will get us all killed.

Congratulations, Jenny McCarthy!

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oncemorearoundtheblog-deactivat said: Since the natural hair community is exclusively black, should I, as a white woman with extremely curly hair and many years of curly problems behind, unsubsribe from countless natural blogs and never chat about hair with my black friends?



Yes yes you should and after that you should look yourself in the mirror and come to the conclusion that you cannot have everything especially a sliver in a beauty community that is catered to your white ass. Another thing you should do is grow the fuck up and get out of here with this ‘whoa is me shit’  like your curly hair equals centuries of deriding you & others like you based on hair you cannot help, ostracizing, cutting, relaxing, burning your scalp, getting sores, boils, and being told to take it not to mention being made to feel inferior just because of the way your hair grows out of your head. Being told that the only thing that makes you pretty is your straight hair, being made to fit into a beauty ideal that is the antithesis of who you are as a person and a woman

You will never be denied for a job because of your hair, you will never have the military put specific protocol on your hair. You will never have someone think you’re dirty because of the way your hair grows, never have the silent whispers, the pulling by strangers, made to be exotic, when you just living your goddamn life.  Please miss me with the bullshit.

You are the goddamn prototype in the beauty world and you have the nerve to come to me with the faux victimization shit while little Black girls are being suspended for their hair, harassed, and then told to cut it because it doesn’t fit in the spectrum? Grow the fuck up and realize that everything is not for you, that you aren’t entitled to shit and that being called frizzy franny or whatever the fuck else you were called is a LUXURY, comparatively to the shit Black women have had to endure regarding their hair. So that’s what the fuck you should do, grow the fuck up and look outside of your whiny entitled bullshit, I am not here for it.

Please don’t listen to this! You are not the problem and blaming you for the problem is a problem within itself. However, although you are not the problem you can be the solution. You and others like you can speak on how you don’t see hair products that are targeted your hair type, because it might be seen as targeting african-Americans. And to the person who said all of the, excluding others because they excluded you doesn’t help the problem, educating them helps! Letting them know how hard it is to find products for natural hair because many companies don’t put the money into advertisement for african-American women. So honey take what this person said to you as an eye opener, it was all raw emotion, and yes some of it is totally true, but take it as away to be educated, take it and share it with everyone you know so they understand how many of your “african-American” natural hair girls feel. I just don’t like negativity, coming from a community, founded for love of self…

"Whoa is me"


bunny eating rasberries

it gave the bun lipstick







HUD style Glasses


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Oh man, I should add these to my combat decker cosplay for Dragon-Con

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